Tinder isn’t for everybody


Promotional photo from official Tinder Facebook page.

I tried Tinder for a month (OK less than that). Most of my friends use Tinder: some for fun, others to find a significant other. I know a handful who have found the person they’re going to marry — all through the popular app. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. How can someone interact with another person online, talk, meet and then fall in love? I was going to find out, or at the very least I was going to try. Needless to say, I was unsuccessful. I spent most of my time swiping left.

Why did I swipe left so often? Here’s why:

Awkward selfies. Guys are really into those. By that I mean that they’ll post a photo of themselves with an arm up and a hat flipped backwards, complete with a pouty mouth.

A photo with a girl. Their featured photo either had them with a girl on their arm or a group of guy friends. First, if you’re on Tinder you’re probably trying to hook up so including a girl in your main photo isn’t the smartest idea. Second, if you’re with a group of guys there’s no way for me to figure out who you are unless I start clicking around. Nobody has time for that. I just want to swipe left or right, that’s it.

Too much face. There were way too many face close-ups. My initial thoughts were: Who are you and why did you think that was an OK thing to do? For future reference: it isn’t. It’s also really misleading. To go along with that, sunglasses in a close-up don’t make a person look any cooler. Just a heads up.

Duck hunting, Bambi hunting. Those aren’t my thing, but it seems to be a thing in Northern California. I swipe left the second I see a gun in one hand and a dead duck or Bambi in the other.

Cars. I get it. You have your license and a car. That doesn’t mean you need to post a picture of just your car and a possible cool landscape in the background.

Dominique’s Tinder profile. Photo credit: Dominique Diaz


Did I ever swipe right? Of course I did. Here’s why:

Smiles. If there’s a candid shot of someone laughing or smiling, I think that’s the most attractive thing ever. It’s real, unlike most of the posed photos I saw in the awkward close-up selfies.

Actual “About Me.” If there was something written in a person’s bio aside from emojis with no explanation, then I likely swiped right because I actually wanted to get to know the person.

Super like. This one was mostly out of pity, but still I swiped right for ’em.

Basically, I wasn’t given many reasons to swipe right. Despite my friends’ attempts to convince me to swipe right for everyone, I just couldn’t do it. My standards are too high, I guess.

On the bright side I did get quite a few matches. Ones I admittedly didn’t get to know well enough for them to receive the privilege of being the “love of my life” (That’s what my friends call their matches. A few of them anyway).

I do plan on keeping the Tinder app though. It’s great for entertainment.

What makes you swipe left or right? Comment below or tweet me to let me know.

Dominique Diaz can be reached at [email protected] or @dominiquelaura on Twitter.