‘The Addams Family’: a night of ghoulish fun


Photo by Aaron Draper of “The Addams Family” cast from the Chico State School of the Arts Facebook page

Fog crept its way across the stage, silencing the restless crowd for an evening of laughs and nightmarish behavior that “The Addams Family” had in store.

On Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., Chico State’s School of the Arts presented its 2016 spring musical “The Addams Family.” The event instantly entranced the audience with spooky dance and musical numbers as well as contagious comedy.

The ghoulish family faced the problem of hosting their eerie daughter Wednesday’s newfound love and his family for a family dinner. Terrified of scaring her lover and his family away, she struggled to juggle the shenanigans among her own family as well as the drama of this “normal” one.

Michael Bram, who took on the role of Gomez Addams, completely stole the show. His comedic charm orchestrated the entire production between songs and hilarious play on words through the dialogue.

Going into the theater, my biggest worry was that the production would be made too modernized, losing what made the series so special in the first place. I was thankfully surprised that this was not at all the case.

Anne Cogan, sophomore pre-nursing major, (right) and Lara Young, sophomore anthropology major dressed up as characters from “The Addams Family”. Photo credit: Carly Plemons

“The Addams Family” play encompassed a more modernized take on the 1964 television series, yet didn’t stray away from the original allure that made viewers fall in love with it.

As the play progressed, there was never a dull moment. Not once was I bored or wanting to fall asleep with what was being performed. The comedic factor played a huge role in that.

The casts’ acting, singing, dancing and comedy formed an epitome of balance throughout the production, leaving the audience eager for what was yet to come.

“The Addams Family” is playing now until May 8 at Laxson Auditorium. Advance tickets are $20 premium, $16 adult, $14 senior citizens and $10 students/children available at the University Box Office, online or by phone at 530-898-6333

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