First-year students talk plans for next year

First-year students talked to The Orion about what they planned to do next year at Chico State. Photo credit: George Johnston

First-year students talked to The Orion about what they planned to do next year at Chico State. Photo credit: George Johnston

Michael Catelli

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As the end of the academic year approaches, the class of 2019 has come close to finishing the commonly dreaded first year in college.

In a survey of first-year students, 86 percent of respondents reported a positive to excellent experience at Chico State, while only 14 percent responded with a satisfactory rating.

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Students will be moving out of the dorms and into off-campus housing, a change of pace from dorm life. Of the respondents, 69 percent reported living in an apartment opposed to a house next year, and 57 percent reported living south of campus.

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“This year going into next year is 100 percent sophomores. That happened organically. It wasn’t 100 percent till this year,” said Todd Kramer of Creekside Manor Apartments. “About four years ago it really got the reputation as the cool spot to live as a sophomore.”

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First-year students have gotten a taste for what their major is all about, but not all plan to stick with that major. Of the respondents, 31 percent reported already switching their major and 28 percent plan on switching in the future.

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Many first-year students may not be able fully explore the Chico area among other activities due to living in the dorms and not having a vehicle. When asked what students wanted to do more of in their sophomore year, an overwhelming number of respondents reported wanting to hike more and explore Bidwell Park, join a Greek life organization, volunteer, etc.

“Cooking, having my own kitchen, getting my own food would probably be the best thing,” said first-year student Eric Gateno. “I really like to cook and with just a microwave it’s kinda difficult.”


Eric Gateno, first-year student. Photo credit: Michael Catelli

For the students having to financially support themselves next year, 77 percent plan on getting a job during their sophomore year.

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