Finding the right Wes Anderson film for any mood

Which film will you watch?

Which film will you watch?

Wes Anderson is a director most frequently identified for his almost storybook-like cinematic flare. The fast-paced storylines and familiar casting in almost every one of his films makes his work easily recognizable in a sea of movies. He visually separates his films from others with the music he features in the soundtracks.

Here is a guide to Wes Anderson films for every mood based on their soundtracks, because sometimes the music can paint a better picture than words can describe.

1. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” features more classical melodies and symphonic harmonies.

2. “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” exhibits some of David Bowie’s classics, so Bowie fans will swoon over this one.

3. “Moonrise Kingdom” showcases rustic tunes and some are even in French.

4. “The Royal Tenenbaums” shares songs from every rock lover’s vintage fantasies with songs from The Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, Ramones and many others.

5. “The Darjeeling Limited” has a lot of classical and familiar voices, and The Kinks are one of them.

6. “Fantastic Mr. Fox” features songs from The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones and of course classical jams.

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