Local artists display work at Thursday night market


Saturn Orion touches up the painting he is the proudest of. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell

The popular Thursday night market always unites the community of Chico. With its fresh and local produce and exotic food trucks, people are mesmerized by the plethora of food and overlook the talented, ingenious artists who share their talent.

Saturn Orion

“Happiness is a choice,” said street artist Saturn Orion. “So I choose to share love to the community through my art.”

If you haven’t already met this free-spirited artist on the streets of Chico, you can distinguish him by his space inspired paintings and circle of eager buyers. From a young age, Orion looked up to his aunt who was an artist herself and encouraged him to play with art supplies than traditional toys.

Orion’s geometric paintings are always paired with mornings of mindful meditation. He says that creating art is what allows him to stay free and thus donates some of his proceeds to children suffering from autism.

Street artist, Saturn Orion. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell

All of his whimsical paintings start at $40. For a preview of his artwork, follow his Instagram: @artistorion.

Yana Beeler

Young artist and entrepreneur, Yana Beeler, began her own textile, jewelry and photography business at 16. Having always had a special appreciation for nature, all of her creations are in some way inspired by it.

“I want my art to be functional, artistic and unique,” Beeler said.

Much of the beading on her pieces have a Native American inspired look to them, however, she uses stitching techniques that come from traditional Russian and Yugoslavian methods.

“I teach children how to sew,” Beeler said. “My biggest accomplishment has been helping people like the same kind of art that I do.”

Artist and entrepreneur, Yana Beeler, with her favorite handmade dream catcher. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell

Beeler is the owner of Fourth Street Art Guild, where she helps young artists express their creativity.

Sierra Hall

Sierra Hall, better known as SisiSmiles, is a caricaturist at the farmer’s market that enjoys providing her services for free.

“I wouldn’t consider myself artistic, this is my side hobby so I do not charge money,” said Hall. “I just like making people smile.”

Sierra Hall, also known as Sisi Smiles, hands over her free caricatures. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell

You can find Hall on her Facebook page, where she also works birthday parties and other events.

Oscar Maturana

Glass blowing wizard, Oscar Maturana, has perfected the art of creating psychedelic glass pendants along with other glass trinkets.

Oscar Maturana’s hand-blown glass pendants and marbles. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell

For those who aren’t familiar with glass blowing, it’s a craft where one blows air into molten marble that the artist eventually shapes with tweezers or shears. It’s a very detailed craft and his hard work definitely shows.

“One day my friends invited me to blow glass with them and since then I’ve created my own set up in my garage,” Maturana said.

Glass artist, Oscar Maturana. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell

Oscar Maturana can be contacted at [email protected] or on Facebook.

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