Armed females looking for ‘Jeremy’


Photo credit: Miles Huffman

University Police Department:

Call Type: Drunk in Public
Wednesday, 3:51 p.m., West First Street

A transient male between Selvester’s and bridge appears intoxicated. He was arrested.

Call Type: Narcotics Violation
Wednesday, 4:23 p.m., West First Street

A report of a grungy male, in his late 20s, appears to be smoking marijuana. The report occurred on West side of Kendall Hall, facing the rose garden.


Chico Police Department:

Call Type: Transient Problem
Sunday, 5:36 p.m., West 17th Street

Two transients with their belongings were camping in a parking spot. The reporting party asked them to leave and they acted like they were deaf.

Call Type: Person with a Gun
Monday, 12:14 a.m., Citrus Avenue

Three females came to complex wearing masks, one was in possession of a gun and the other of a sword, according to the reporting party. They were looking for a male that use to live there name Jeremy. When the girls were told Jeremy no longer lived there, the three suspects began to leave. As they were leaving the suspects stopped their vehicle, pointed the gun at the reporting party and friends and said “We know where you live.” The reporting party doesn’t know the suspects.

Call Type: Transient Problem
Tuesday, 8:47 a.m., Notre Dame Boulevard

Three homeless subjects were fighting and throwing items at each other. The reporting party doesn’t know if things became physical, but subjects were extremely heated and verbal.

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