Pantsless woman flees on a bike


Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Chico Police Department:

Call Type: Domestic Dispute

Wednesday 11:11 p.m., Esplanade

A man and woman were screaming in the parking lot as the male held a stick in his hand. The reporting party does not know what the man plans to do with the stick.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject

Thursday 1:05 a.m., 2391 Cohasset Rd.

A woman in a gray hoodie was overlooking an overpass.She was questioned if she wanted to hurt herself or jump off the bridge. She stated she had no intentions of doing so. Subject has a history of mental illness and was escorted by police because her boyfriend was not willing to pick her up.

Call Type: Drunk In Public

Thursday 2:21 a.m., 248 Ivy St.

As the reporting party opened the door to her home, she noticed a young man walking through her back door. The reporting party tried to speak to the subject. He mumbled in response and stumbled away in an attempt to enter other neighbor’s houses.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject

Thursday 3:03 a.m., Woodland Commons, 1114 Nord Ave.

The reporting party called back Chico Police Department after seeing a familiar subject. Subject has been loitering around the complex and was whistling on reporting party’s stairs. The subject is drunk and reporting party did not feel safe.

Call Type: Disturbance

Thursday 7:19 a.m., M&S Wesley Tree Service, 177 East 20th St.

The reporting party asked a transient woman to leave and she began screaming and threatening the reporting party. The woman then moved in front of the business and started screaming. She fled on her bike with her pants off.

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