Open forum on provost and vice president for business and finance searches

Members of the campus search committees met with the firm Academic Search on Friday morning during an open forum to discuss the appropriate qualifications necessary for selecting the provost and vice president for the Business and Finance Department.

The forum was “open mic” in order to help Academic Search create a distinct profile of the two positions with the qualities desired for each role.

“I am looking for stability,” said Barbara Fortin, associate vice president of enrollment management. “We need individuals with terrific collaboration who can handle relentless urgency, be able to listen and, despite turmoil, can be team players.”

Various members of the campus search committees expressed similar qualifications for the two positions, outlining candidates with high credentials, compassion for the good of the community as a whole and the desire to see the position as a way of life and not just as a job.

Members discussed qualities such as having the ability to make hard decisions, providing opportunities to listen and lead with ideas suggested by the public, and being able to assess a situation and ultimately do what is necessary to help students.

Jessica S. Kozloff, president of Academic Search, and senior consultant Nancy D. Suttenfield said they are working earnestly and tirelessly to find the two best candidates for these positions.

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