Clowning around is risky business


A Facebook post last night suggested a clown had been seen on East Avenue in Chico holding a knife.

This “creepy clown” threat has been brought to Chico Police Department’s attention. According to their press release, almost every community in the country has been subjected to some sort of clown terror.

The press release specifically addressed the clown with the knife rumor. “The Police Department takes threats to our community seriously. We will respond and we will handle it.”

The post was taken down later that night and there was no evidence to confirm the report.

The statement pointed out the fear that clown business creates is dangerous to the community. Although there have been communities where people dressed up in costume have committed crime, it hasn’t happened in Chico.

The press release ended with a quote from an officer of the Bangor Maine Police Department. “Do not believe everything you see and hear from others. Judge situations and people by their own merit. Don’t feed the frenzy.”

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