Drunk man is god


University Police Department

Call Type: Assist Other Agency
Thursday, 1:59 p.m., West Sacramento Ave.

Reporting party advising a male subject was following her from W Sacramento Ave to her residence.

Call Type: Medical Aid
Thursday, 2:47 p.m., Ayers Hall

Female possibly having a drug overdose or seizure.

Chico Police Department

Call Type: Threats
Thursday, 8:38 a.m., Mangrove Ave.

Reporting customer advised a transient threatened her with a flashlight.

Call Type: Shots seen
Thursday, 9:04 a.m., Humboldt Ave.

Male in light grey hoody. Both subjects had firearms.

Call Type: Neighbor Dispute
Thursday, 12:37 p.m. W 20th St.

Four couples in a fight in the street punching each other. The fight is reportedly between two neighbors that owe each other money.

Call Type: Harassment
Thursday 3:18 p.m.

Reporting party came to report ongoing harassment by a former coworker. Reporting party states that somehow subject has private pictures and is threatening to expose her because subject was fired.

Call Type: Shots Heard
Thursday 1:00 a.m. Humboldt Ave.

Heard six shots and a car peel out.

Call Type: Drunk in public
Thursday 1:21 a.m. Sacramento Ave.

Very intoxicated male yelling that he is god and said he is going to Tony’s to get more alcohol.