‘Fall into Bed’ with Siobhan Barrett Lingerie and FosterBuilt Coffee

Designer Siobhan Barrett in her studio. Photo courtesy of Siobhan Barrett

Designer Siobhan Barrett in her studio. Photo courtesy of Siobhan Barrett

Lingerie in the making courtesy of Siobhan Barrett from her official website.

Siobhan Barrett, a body-positive lingerie designer will be presenting a pop-up shop at The Bookstore Oct. 12.

Few pleasures in life can compare to the bliss of spending a chilly morning in bed. There’s something unique to the sensation of spending a day sipping good coffee and reading a great book all while wrapped in lingerie.

Designer Siobhan Barrett facilitated mornings such as this with her pop-up lingerie, book and coffee sale at The Bookstore downtown on Oct. 12.

Barrett, a previous Chico resident, now lives in Bovina, New York designing lingerie for her brand while boyfriend Mark Foster roasts coffee for his company FosterBuilt Coffee. Currently, they’re traveling around the country together, selling coffee and lingerie in different cities while working on a documentary project about those making a difference in their communities.

“My brand is actually my name, which came about because I feel like my designs are tiny representations of me, my thoughts, ideas, dreams and my experience as a woman,” Barrett says.

Barrett wants to celebrate women’s bodies with her lingerie. Her pieces are made of delicate lace and sheer mesh, but lacks a certain raunchy quality that’s a characteristic of most other lingerie. Her vintage-inspired pieces gently hug and flatter the female form, rather than squeezing into a corset or a push up bra where the wearer isn’t comfortable.

“My brand is meant to embrace women and our bodies in a non-restrictive and body-positive way,” Barrett said. “It’s meant to be worn in any way, for anything you want and whoever you want, including just for yourself.”

These pieces look like something a girl might wear while lounging comfortably around the house while managing to still be very sexy. Instead of making things that are entirely designed for the male gaze, Barrett’s pieces are designed to leave the women wearing her lingerie room for their own experiences and imagination.

Coffee and lingerie is a natural combination for the couple. This myriad of literature, coffee, and lingerie is something that is similarly natural for a lot of women. An ideal day for Barrett would be one spent lounging in bed, reading a good book, and wearing her handmade lingerie while sipping her boyfriend’s home-roasted coffee.

Barrett hopes that people will have a community experience while shopping at her pop-up events. She wants her customers to connect in a warm environment, while experiencing her designs. With the genius pairing of literature, caffeine and fancy undergarments, there’s a little something for everyone at her events.

“If you like at least one of three things: books, coffee or lingerie, then we’ll have a great time hanging out!” Barrett said.

The Fall into Bed sale will take place at The Bookstore on Main Street from 5-7 p.m. when Barrett and Foster are in Chico. Updates on their journey and documentary project can be found on Barrett’s Facebook page.

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