Humans of Chico State


Doug Cue, senior construction management major shares his passion for rock climbing and the importance of traveling. Photo credit: Franky Renteria

“As I got closer to graduation, the reality of 50 to 60 hour work weeks is sinking in. I’m excited for the opportunities I have ahead of me; but i know that I need to take advantage of the rest of the time I have before I start working in SF. The 12 days of vacation time I get when I start working isn’t quite enough to satisfy my travel bug so I’m doing as much as I can now.”

“I’m heading to Thailand for a climbing trip at the end of finals week and staying until school’s back up again. I started climbing in high school and I’ve been addicted ever since. I love the places it takes me and adventures it brings. I’m always looking to one-up my last trip and do bigger and badder things. Also, I’ve got some south america backpacking/climbing/surfing plans in the works for this summer. Eight months until my first day at work, gotta make the most of it,” senior construction management major, Doug Cue said.