Student drugging still under investigation

University Police Chief John Feeney. Photo courtesy of John Feeney.

University Police Chief John Feeney. Photo courtesy of John Feeney.

University Police are still investigating a string of incidents involving the drugging of male students that occurred in late September and early October.

The campus was notified of the incidents in a safety announcement Oct. 8. At that point, UPD was investigating three or four incidents, and following the announcement three more reports were received citing similar circumstances.

“The problem is that we’re trying to find out what similar circumstances those are and if there’s anything that ties each together other than people waking up and feeling that they had been drugged,” said University Police Chief John Feeney.

Now, UPD are investigating seven reports and trying to establish whether they are connected.

“We’re doing investigations on where they went, what they were drinking and possibly who they were with,” Feeney said.

All reports allege that each of the seven men was drinking, some at house parties and others at restaurants and bars and that they started feeling symptoms that were not justified by the amount of alcohol they drank.

Some of the victims reported memory loss. Chief Feeney said UPD did not receive any information or evidence of sexual assault.

None of the victims were hospitalized.

Reports were made several days after each of the incidents occurred so police were unable to run toxicology tests to determine the substance. UPD still does not know what kind of substance was used and if it was the same in each case.

“The circumstances have differed across the board, so we don’t know if this is an intentional act or if this is something that just occurred,” Feeney said.

If a connection between the cases cannot be established, UPD will continue to investigate each case individually.

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