Humans of Chico State: Koichi Matsumoto


Koichi Matsumoto, student and outdoorsman. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros

Koichi Matsumoto is a sophomore business major with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and small businesses. He is a transfer student from Japan and an avid outdoorsman.

“In Japan, I really like to go mountain hiking, not rock climbing per se but just hiking up the mountains and in the cold and in the snow and going up backpacking. I’ve done Fuji and so on,” Matsumoto said.

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One thing you might not notice at first glance is that Koichi is deaf. One of his biggest supporters is the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC). They provide him with interpreters so that he can succeed inside and outside the classroom.

Since attending Chico State, he has won a People’s Choice Award at the Elevator Pitch Contest, a business competition that gives contestants 90-seconds to describe their business concept.

His motivation and determination have been key factors to his success. Below, Koichi Matsumoto answers a couple questions in regards to his career and a few things he wishes people knew about him: