Local pointillist uses art to help refugees


Norm Dillinger gazes at his art. Photo credit: Carin Dorghalli


Norm Dillinger’s art is on point. Literally. He’s a pointillist. Dillinger defines pointillism as “dots and dashes of color.” This local artist has provided beauty to Orient Street in Chico since the early 70s.

To keep his life upbeat, Dillinger provides himself with the things he wants—women and animals—in the form of art. Instead of keeping his art to himself in his eclectic house, he displays much of it outside, enrobing his house with paintings. Dillinger also publicizes his art by painting his vehicles, so all of Chico can see it as he drives down the street.

Referring to his vehicles he says, “They’re just a way to get my art out into the public.”

Dillinger welcomes people into his home with a sign in his front yard that reads, “ART LOVERS WELCOME INSIDE AND OUT.” His art is strictly for entertainment and therapeutic purposes. When asked how long it takes him to finish one painting, he said, “when you follow your bliss you stop keeping track of time.”

Dillinger uses his art not as a source of income, but to help a cause all the way across the globe. He gives the proceeds from his art to a nonprofit organization in Pakistan called Afghan Refugee Girls’ Primary School. This organization has made it possible for 600 Afghani refugees girls to receive an elementary school education.

More information about this nonprofit can be found at www.afghangirlsschool.org. His art can be purchased at 821 Orient St. Chico, CA 95928.

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Carin Dorghalli can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_arts on Twitter.