“Blak and Blu” and “Tuxedo” throwing it back


Gary Clark Jr. – This soulful album goes back to qualities of rock and jazz that were largely missing from mainstream music until recently. The track “Numb,” features powerful guitar riffs and repeated lyrics which makes for a familiar yet refreshing rock/blues fusion. Other tracks on his album like “Please Come Home,” pay homage to Motown with falsetto and brass. Fans of the gritty sound of The Black Keys and Jack White will naturally love this album and the rest of Clark Jr.’s discography.

Tuxedo – Grammy Nominated Singer, DJ and Producer Mayer Hawthorne teamed up with Producer Jake One to create Tuxedo, a music project that has been consistently throwing it back to the ’80s. This album features music that manages to feel fresh while entirely nostalgic. “Do It,” which was featured as a hook on a Pitbull album, is a particularly effective feel-good song. “The Right Time” has a strong disco vibe which will make you feel like you’re on an episode of Soul Train. If Snoop Dogg trusts these guys to write his hooks, you should trust your playlist to Tuxedo.