DJ and rapper Chico performance


With Chico State being known for its party scene, other neighboring colleges, such as Sacramento State and Cal State East Bay, have students flocking to the 530 on Labor Day and Halloween weekend to see what all the talk is about.

Chico State student Sherman Stacey, also known as “DJ Malachi” is committed to making sure the Chico party scene is lit.

“I’ve been DJ’ing for about three years now. I do house parties, events, formals, just about everything,” Stacey said.

Photo credit: Natasha Doron

So, what’s his trick into making sure everyone’s having a good time? “I know the party is lit when everyone’s dancing, singing along to the songs I play and the party is packed,” Stacey said. “I try my best to make sure students have a memorable college experience and that it’s fun.”

The crowd at DJ Malachi's Nef the Pharaoh Concert Photo credit: Natasha Doron

“This show is going to be great. A lot of local Chico State hip-hop artists will be performing, along with the Bay’s own Nef the Pharaoh. We’re just trying to uplift the hip-hop culture and scene here in Chico to keep it alive,” said Stacey, before his performance at the Chico Women’s Club.

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