‘So Much Light’ shines bright at 1078 Gallery


Some of the art at the 1078 Gallery Photo credit: Jenny Salazar

The 1078 Gallery hosted a concert last Saturday with artist ‘So Much Light’ headlining, along with three other acts. Each act had different musical styles and preferences, ranging from Indie hip-hop and Rock. The opening acts included Chico locals “Surrounded By Giants” and “Team Skins,” as well as Sacramento native Hobo Johnson.

Surrounded By Giants and Team Skins are both rock-based bands, with a slight difference in style. While Surrounded By Giants is more hardcore rock and roll, Team Skins is on the softer side. The catch with Team Skins- they played without their shirts on- which was an interesting touch to their performance.

So Much Light performs at the 1078 Gallery Photo credit: Jenny Salazar


Hobo Johnson is an Indie Hip Hop singer, who has a more emotional approach to his sound. He played songs about his dad, a girl who doesn’t love him back and an acapella he wrote while coming back from Minnesota on a three-day long bus ride. His songs felt like you were sat down in a circle and he’d tell you a story with his music.

Elk Grove based artist Damien Verrett, better known by his stage name So Much Light, is no stranger to the 1078 stage.

“I think you guys have a pretty educated music community because you have that recording arts program, so I have a ton of friends who came out of Chico who work in music now,” Verrett said. “The creative community here is just really active.”

Hobo Johnson performs at the 1078 Gallery Photo credit: Jenny Salazar


“So Much Light’s music is sexy and about complicated relationships,” Sharhera Hyatt, a friend of Verrett, said. During his performance, he projected videos of a fan rotating and views of a church. It was relaxing, but upbeat enough to keep the crowd going.

The crowd was wild with excitement from each act and each artist had a genuine connection with them. A wide variety of people and ages came to the show, but no matter the age, everyone rocked out and danced to their heart’s content.

You can find each artist’s music to check out for yourself below (credit to Facebook)

So Much Light

Hobo Johnson

Surrounded By Giants

Team Skins

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