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  • Photo taken by Molly Myers on Sept. 3, 2023 downtown across from where the Farmers Market is held.


    Abandoned shoes in Chico: photo series

  • Left side of table, Jenna McMahon, Nathan Chiochios and Jessica Miller sit with, on the right side front to back, Callum Standish, Molly Myers, Nadia Hill, and Grace Stark at  Estom Jamani Dining Commons. Photo taken April 29 by a kind employee at the dining hall.


    The Orion tries the dining hall

  • Both faculty members’ and students’ mental health are suffering due to a lack of support at Chico State and across the California State University System. Photo by Vie Studio on Pexels.


    Faculty, students’ mental health continue to suffer

  • Thanks to horror films, some names have been ruined ... or made cool. Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels.

    Arts & Entertainment

    Names horror films have ruined … or made cool

  • Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate. Photo courtesy of NEON.

    Arts & Entertainment

    He said, she said: ‘Immaculate’

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Man sells stolen goods while car jacking

Police blotter. Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Chico Police

Call Type: Drunk in Public

Sunday, 3:32 p.m., 2000 Business Lane

An intoxicated man was seen bothering people around AMPM and witnesses said he ran towards the Toys R’ Us parking lot. People described him as the same person who was outside selling stolen goods from Big Lots, while attempting to car jack customers.

Call Type: Domestic Dispute

Sunday, 4:01 p.m., Rio Lindo Ave.

A male calls police to tell them that his girlfriend is heavily drunk and disturbing the peace. He calls back later and changes his mind about the ordeal and mentions that police need to be trained better to do their job.

Call Type: Drunk in Public

Monday, 12:02 p.m., 2156 Pillsbury Road

An elderly man near an ATM was asked if he was alright by a bystander, moments later the man started to cry.

Call Type: Cold Rape

Monday, 1:47 p.m., Nord Avenue

A caller told police that her daughter was raped last night in an apartment near the Star Liquors store. The daughter claimed to have the contact information for the suspect on her phone.

Call Type: Petty Theft

Tuesday, 9:20 a.m., 1105 Park Ave.

A female said her ex-boyfriend knocked her down with the shopping cart, and took all of her possessions. When police arrived she declined medics and said she does not want him arrested.

Call Type: Refusing to Leave

Tuesday, 11:29 a.m., 2036 Forest Ave.

A homeless woman was near the exit of a carwash and the caller asked the female to leave, but later refused. The woman threatened to tell police that the caller beat her up.

Call Type: Traffic Hazard

Wednesday, 4:13 p.m., 616 W. 1st Ave.

A male tried jumping in front of a woman’s car and later flipped her off when she was driving around him.

Call Type: Fight

Wednesday, 7:45 p.m., 580 E. Fifth Ave.

A caller from Pep Boys reports that two men who have been living behind a bus stop are fist fighting. When police arrived, there were no weapons or signs of injury from the men.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject

Thursday, 3:08 a.m., 2100 Dr. Martin Luther King Pkwy.

A man was seen sleeping by the Torres Shelter on the ground at a parking stall. The caller attempted to wake him up, so that he would not be parked on top of. Police later transported the man to Enloe Medical Center for leg injuries.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject

Thursday, 7:36 a.m., 1046 Arbutus Ave.

A man called to report that a woman came to his location and started hitting his girlfriend on the head. The woman also threw a tree branch at the male and his vehicle, and when police arrived the caller did not want medical attention.

University Police

Call Type: Fire Alarm

Sunday, 4:57 p.m., University Village

A fire alarm was activated when marijuana smoke was detected.

Call Type: Disturbance

Monday, 3:18 p.m., Near Physical Sciences Building

About 15 subjects, one armed with a baseball bat, were fighting upon the arrival of a police officer, and it is believed that the main instigator was a male in a pink coat.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject

Tuesday, 11:31 p.m., Trinity Hall

A man was found near the entrance of the hall curled up in a ball.

Call Type: Medical Aid with Alcohol Involved

Wednesday, 11:50 p.m., Mechoopda Hall

Male entered the dorm and passed out on the floor in front of the desk.

Call Type: Medical Aid

Thursday, 9:44 p.m., Mechoopda Hall

A female was found passed out in the bathroom on the first floor.

Call Type: Transient Call

Thursday, 9:51 p.m., Konkow Hall

A subject was seen sleeping next to a dumpster by the laundromat.

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