Top 5 places to study off campus

Midterm season is fast approaching and students need a quiet and peaceful place to study. With common study spots such as the library that tend to be over crowded here are the top five off-campus places to study that will help you ace your exams this semester.

Number one the best spot to study off-campus Photo credit: Carlos Gonzalez

1. Great Northern Coffee Great Northern Coffee is known for being the coffeehouse in a train car with original seating and beautiful art gallery on the walls. Great Northern Coffee was an actual 1947 Pullman train car carrying historical value. Located on the corner of 5th and Orange Street, students love the peaceful and serene vibes the coffee shop offers with a beautiful display of fine artwork that anyone can appreciate. Free of distraction and noise with an exclusive coffee and tea menu, Great Northern Coffee is the perfect place to focus.

Second best place to study off-campus Photo credit: Carlos Gonzalez

2. Upper Crust Bakery

Upper Crust Bakery & Cafe is a great space to study and ease your mind. The bakery/cafe is just minutes away from campus in the heart of downtown Chico. Upper Crust also displays many works of art. Their menu includes sandwiches, salads, pies, cheesecakes and tarts. Students have the perfect opportunity to study, write a paper, eat or have some quiet alone time.

Coming in at number three is Naked Lounge Photo credit: Carlos Gonzalez

3. Naked Lounge

Naked Lounge offers relaxing vibes with a serene environment. The lounge is located on W 2nd Street and is a great place to zone out and feel mellow. If you’re stressed over exams or school, the Naked Lounge will help to ease any overwhelming anxiety. The lounge also has an eclectic music playlist along with an amazing art gallery that people can gaze at. With the perfect combination of great coffee, music and art, you will definitely have the perfect energy to do some studying.

Fourth best place to study off campus Photo credit: Carlos Gonzalez

4. Peet’s Coffee

At Peet’s Coffee, you can guarantee a space of quiet time and getting some work done. The coffeehouse, located on Main Street, is a common spot for students to focus on their studies. Peet’s offers a wide range of coffee, baked goods and pastries. They also offer student discounts on coffee and free refills while studying.

brooklyn bagels_web.png
Coming in fifth place is Brooklyn Bagels Photo credit: Carlos Gonzalez

5. Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works

If you need a place to grab breakfast in the morning during an early cram sesh before a test then head over to Brooklyn Bagels. They offer great bagels and deli sandwiches – including some vegetarian options. This bagel shop has quiet and intimate tables for students to engage in their studies while having breakfast.

If you feel overwhelmed or just tired of the same study routine at the library, expand your horizons and try these neat studying areas.