Chico State predicts 4,900 incoming freshmen


Projected Student Populations Photo credit: Daniel Wright

Chico State is projecting their anticipated new student’s population for fall 2017.

According to the numbers put out at the previous University Budget meeting, Chico State, using numbers from previous years estimates that in fall 2017 there will be 17,371 total students, with 16,778 of those students being residents.

Based on previous growth and the number of applicants that accept their offer to Chico State, it is estimated that there will be 4,900 incoming freshmen to Chico.

These numbers were discussed at the most recent University Budget Committee meeting, and are used to estimate revenues and expenses in the fall 2017 budget.

The President’s office also approved a one percent increase in the estimates of students coming to Chico to predict possible growth.

They also estimate that there will be 431 new credential, graduate and post-baccalaureate students arriving in the fall.

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