Possible $270 tuition increase


Tuition Rates Photo credit: Daniel Wright

The CSU Board of Trustees will hold a vote on a potential tuition increase for the CSU system March 20 and 21.

The proposed 5 percent increase for undergraduates, is in response to the current $167.7 million shortfall in the CSU system budget. An increase in tuition is estimated to raise $77.5 million for the CSU system, as outlined at the most recent, Chico State, University Budget Meeting.

For undergraduate students, tuition would increase by $270, the CSU board of trustees estimates that this change would affect no more than 2 out of 5 undergraduate students, as stated on their website.

Credential and Graduate students might expect to see a $312 and $438 increase respectively, per the CSU BOT website.

The increase in tuition are to be used to offset the costs of increasing the number of advisers, faculty and classes.These increases are to help the CSU system reach their 2025 graduation incentive. The goal being to increase graduation rates, and narrow the achievement gap, according to the CSU BOT website.

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