$100,000 cannabis oil equipment found in Chico


Used to create cannabis oil in suspects home. Photo courtesy of Butte County Sherrif’s Special Inforcement Unit

A Chico local was arrested for trafficking 197 pounds of marijuana to Florida March 2.

“Florida authorities contacted us with information regarding the bust,” said Doug Patterson, Special Enforcement Unit, Butte County Sheriffs Department.

Aaron Milo Andrus of Chico and Joshua Overton of Florida were found at the Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport.

Andrus had a search warrant for his property and was charged with suspicion of manufacturing a controlled substance and maintaining a residence for drug sales.

Overton was arrested for suspicion of trafficking, the drugs, the airplane and a Ford pickup found by police was seized.

A hazardous materials team from California was told to get rid of the lab that was used to make the cannabis oil.

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