Album Review on “Hndrxx”

Album Review on Hndrxx

On Feb. 24, rapper Future released his sixth studio album titled “Hndrxx.” His latest project comes just one week after his fifth album, self-titled Future, was released. Both albums debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 making him the first artist in history to have two number one albums in successive weeks.

Hip-hop fans were surprised when Future decided to drop yet another album after the release of his self-titled one just the week before. In his latest project, Future decides to pay ode to his alter ego he calls Hendrix.

Hndrxx shows rhythm and blues side of Future hasn’t yet revealed before. The album takes a different approach from his usual pill-popping and lean-sipping trap hits.

Songs such as “Use Me” and “Sorry” highlight his vulnerability and emotion. He also features guest appearances from The Weeknd and Rihanna on ballads like “Comin Out Strong” and “Selfish.”

With 17 tracks on the album, Future focuses on the pain and regret of failed relationships due to drugs and fame. He also demonstrates his vocal ability and proves that’s he’s not just a one-dimensional, auto-tuned artist.

On his first track “My Collection,” Future makes it clear that despite his drug addiction, he tries to make sure his bad habits don’t interfere in his relationship with his son. He raps “and this codeine habits ain’t got nothin’ to do with my lil’ child… no this codeine ain’t got nothin’ to do with my lil’ child.” He goes on to say that despite the demons he goes though, he will always put what’s important to him first.

Future also isn’t shy to attempt new genres that are different from his typical club-bouncing, bass-moving hits. In “Fresh Air” and “I Thank U,” he sings alongside a blues-like and guitar filled beat. Hence the nickname ‘Hendrix.’ Future ditches the hardcore rapping for a change and aims for a melodic croon.

Hndrxx is topping the charts.

I give the album five out of five stars.

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