UHM Festival


DJ Daniel James during his set at the UHM fest Photo credit: Natasha Doron

On Saturday, UnderHouse Music held their “UHM Fest.” The two-part event included performances from numerous local music acts such as HowFlyy, Stosu, Clumy Stoners, UnderHouse Music artists and many more.

The first part of the UHM festival kicked off in the daytime at the Delta Psi Delta house. The jam-packed crowd was up on their feet with good music, vibes, and energy filled in the building. The great part about UHM fest was how diverse and unique the music was, as well as having a day and night event for everyone to attend.

The second half of UHM fest were DJ sets by Evicted, Stosu, Wiggy Beats and Subfer. With the different techniques and visuals brought to the stage, the energy in the building was thrilling to say the least. “This is my first time in Chico and there’s nothing like this anywhere else,” producer and music engineer Stosu said. “I’m from SoCal and work closely with UnderHouse Music, so for them to bring me out here is a pretty big deal.”

Apart from their usual performances thrown at the 1078 gallery, UnderHouse Music wanted to do something different and put on an event outside for music goers to enjoy the beautiful day and warm weather in Chico. Music festivals aren’t common in Chico, for UnderHouse Music successfully put one together is a nice accomplishment.

At the night show, the UHM fest was filled with colorful lights, visuals and food to accomadate guests.

“Here at UHM fest, it’s so dope because Chico always has cool ideas and great ways to put on a show,” rapper HowFlyy said. “I’m from Central California so whenever I come here to perform, it’s never a disappointment. The love and support of music in Chico is real and evident.”

In the near future, UHM plans on putting on more shows, events and fests to Chico. “Yandi is really great at running UnderHouse Music and working with him is always great,” said Stosu. “I definitely want to come back to Chico, as well as collaborate more with Yandi and see what else he has in store.”

“If there’s another UnderHouse Music festival coming soon, I’ll definitely be there and perform again,” said HowFlyy. “It’s so amazing that in a college town like this, you guys get the experience to enjoy music to the fullest and have a lot of local talent out here.”

Whether it’s a music festival, party, or concert, UnderHouse Music always puts on a show for all music fans and lovers to enjoy. The UHM fest was a great example of that and we can’t see what else UnderHouse Music has in store in the near future

Niyat Teferi can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_arts on Twitter.