Chico State legal database is set to change


Marc Langston informs students about the changes within the legal database that Chico State now offers. Photo credit: Jacqueline Morales

Access to the legal information database LexisNexis Academic will end June 1.

LexisNexis has been used for legal information through Meriam Library for eight years. It is paid by the chancellor’s office and will soon end its contract with the Chico State campus.

“It hasn’t always been a popular resource because it has been difficult to use, and they really haven’t made any changes,” said Marc Langston, head of Collection Management and Tech Services Department. “It’s an important database and has been over the years, but we are using different resources now that meet the same needs.”

WestlawNext and America’s News remain as a resource to the campus in access to legal information.

WestlawNext offers access to full text of federal and state court cases, laws and regulations, legal periodicals, encyclopedias, European Union legal documents, legal guides and information for pre-law students.

America’s News provides comprehensive news sources and information at the local, state, regional and national levels.

Both resources are currently available online to students meeting the same needs as the LexisNexis database.

“LexisNexis was a well known product. It just wasn’t a well performing data base overall. It has linking issues from the database. WestlawNext and America’s News should serve our campus’ needs,” said Jodi Shepard, head of Collection Access and Management.

Jacqueline Morales can be reached at [email protected] or @jackie_theorion on Twitter.