Police report Halloween overtime expenses

Lt. George Laver tells a minor what kind of charges she could face for drinking on Halloween this year.Photo credit: Kasey Judge.

An elevated response to this year’s Halloween revelry in the downtown and South Campus areas cost Chico Police $20,000 in overtime compensation.

A cost analysis report for the holiday period, including 6 p.m. Halloween night until 6 a.m. Nov. 3, found that increased law enforcement staffing amounted to over $42,000 in regular wages and an additional $20,000 in overtime costs, according to a Chico Police Department press release.

Additional law enforcement agencies, including both local and state departments, contributed a combined 686 hours of staffing.

There were 99 arrests over Halloween weekend, 84 of which were alcohol related.

The disorder that comes with holiday periods in Chico is a strain on law enforcement resources, according to the release, which cites large crowds and alcohol consumption as catalytic dangers to public safety.

“It is our hope the alcohol and party culture that is entrenched in our community will change and our police resources can better be used to serve the entire community rather than a very small segment of the community,” said Lt. Laver of Chico Police Department in the press release.

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