Shawn Mendes album lacks element of surprise


Teen pop singer Shawn Mendes teased his fans with his new single “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Backas an addition to his Illuminate album. Released April 20, Mendes said that he wanted to come out with a single before he started his “Illuminate” world tour April 27 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Mendes released the deluxe 15-track album in September including a collection of soft, slow songs including “Bad Reputation” and a few quicker-tempo songs like “No Promises.”

Although Mendes has an incredibly soothing voice, I would have liked if he had stepped out of his comfort zone with more of an upbeat sound. His songs sound similar in a way with always the same tone and acoustic guitar or piano which isn’t a bad thing since I liked close to every song on the album. With his tour coming up, I would want to stay awake for the entire performance rather than fall asleep because his voice is relaxing.

While the album itself is well done, the downfall was the inability to distinguish each song since they all sounded so similar. Utilizing different instruments and increasing the tempo would add more diversity to his already established acoustic sound. Instead of releasing the only lively songs as singles, Mendes should save some as a surprise for his album.

Here is his new single, whole album and upcoming tour dates.


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