1078 gallery looking for real estate


After over a decade of providing the Chico community with timeless galleries and popular music events, the 1078 gallery is closing its doors temporarily for relocation.

“We were asked to leave by our landlord. They had not been too happy with our music programming. We had tried to resolve the issues and they weren’t satisfied,” said Erin Wade, president of board of directors.

1078 is searching downtown and Park Avenue for potential real estate, but those areas won’t be any less expensive. Not only is the sudden request to vacate inconvenient for both gallery and community, but it will prove strenuous to reorganize fiscally. The volunteer-run gallery urges its allies to provide them with any real estate leads, preferably downtown.

While it’s a bummer that one of Chico’s beloved, all-ages-welcomed art galleries will be temporarily shut down, the relocation may be a blessing in disguise.

“Music and art have kind of been on top of each other, which can be dangerous for the art. Music people want to be able to do what they want when it’s their time,” Wade said.

A larger space will provide 1078 with the proper setting to host even bigger events and give the exhibits and music shows the attention they deserve separately. Local art is an integral part of what makes Chico, Chico. The gallery in the past year has consistently put on one art show and six to 10 music events per month. 1078 is the reason why the art community is as colorful as it is.

“Our city council is not super supportive of the arts. Arts organizations used to get funding and that’s gone away over the past few years,” Wade said.

There will be fundraising events to help the 1078 Gallery and generally support local arts and music

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