Students spend $200 to fund sports annually


IRA Fee Breakdown by Program Photo credit: Daniel Wright

Chico State students pay 196 dollars annually for the sports program, in instructional-related activities fees.

Every student who attends Chico State pays 280 dollars every year in Instructionally Related Activities fees. Athletics and recreation sports receive 70 percent of the IRA fee.

As discussed in the most recent University Budget Committee meeting, the IRA fee generates 4.3 million dollars in revenue from students.

Chico State defines instructional related activities as “activities and laboratory experiences that are partially sponsored by an academic discipline or department and which are, in the judgment of the President, integrally related to the function of instructional offerings,” per the IRA committee’s website.

Athletics receive three million dollars annually from IRA funds. That money is used to fund 16 different athletics programs.

The remaining 1.3 million dollars is allocated towards the other 52 programs that are funded through IRA fees.

“IRA activities and funds are overseen by the IRA Advisory committee. Funds are allocated by the Provost to each college then further allocated by the dean to each program,” said University Budget Office Director Jeni Kitchell.

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