Some programs provide the privilege of priority registration


This chart shows the maximum number of days priority students have to chose classes versus the maximum number of days everyone else receives. Photo credit: Nicholas Feeley

Certain student groups are given preferential treatment to register for classes. These groups include students with disabilities, honor’s students and athletes.

Priority registration increases the likelihood that a student will receive their preferred classes by allowing them to register for classes earlier than other students would be able to. It also gives them a longer amount of time to decide which classes to enroll in.

Priority registration and continuing student registration began April 17 for Fall 2017 classes. However, Priority ends July 26 where as continuing student registration ends May 19.

According the Student Records and Registration, the date and time you receive to register for classes is determined by class level. This is not the number of years a student has attended Chico State. Class level is decided by the number of units a student has taken and are currently enrolled in added together.

NCAA sports players at Chico State also receive the opportunity to possibly pick classes earlier than their peers if they meet the requirements.

Honors program adviser and professor Heather Altfield describes the program as a separate college within Chico State.

“The honors program is, the best way to describe it is a college within a college. Our students enter separately through an admissions process,” Altfield said.

Honors program students receive priority registration as long as they are enrolled in the program. Altfield said students are not kicked out of the program unless their grades significantly decline.

“We try to keep people above a 3.2 GPA and so when they fall below it, they go on probation. But we don’t kick them out unless they consistently plummet,” Altfield said.

Altfield said sometimes students remain on probation for long periods without leaving the program.

“We have had students stay on probation for three semesters in a row,” Altfield said.

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