Playlist of the Week – Seven Chico performers to watch


Here are seven performers that are from, have performed or went to school here in Chico.

MAWD – Summer in a Dream – MAWD EP

KLEZ – Loaded Gun – Here Right Now

Scout – Serious – Single

Citysick – Joyride – Get Better

So Much Light – Full Body Mirror – Oh, Yuck

Hobo Johnson – Father – The Rise of Hobo Johnson

Subfer (Feat. Ben Robinow) – Down

MAWD – Ukulele Song – B side to Summer in a Dream

So Much Light – Let it Absorb You – Idiot Soul EP

Hobo Johnson – Sex in the City – The Rise of Hobo Johnson

Subfer (Feat. Cameryn) – Can’t Stay

Citysick – Bar Tab – Thanks for Trying

Scout – Nervous

KLEZ – Hard Times Here No More – Here Right Now

Subfer (Feat. Yandi) – High

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