Chico State updates campus community on new science building plans


Natalie Hanson

A model representation of the area where the Siskiyou Replacement Building Project focuses on.

Campus architects met with faculty members to review plans for the new science building, Siskiyou II, on Monday, Aug. 28.


Siskiyou Hall’s demolition date is set for mid-June and the replacement building’s construction will begin in Jan. 2018. The entire project including both demolition and construction prices will cost $94.5 million.


“The college of natural sciences (is) experiencing tremendous growth… so we’re building the absolute maximum we can within the budget,” said Sandra Beck, head director and campus architect.


Beck along with the College of Natural Sciences Dean, David Hassenzahl, stressed that Siskiyou II’s design will combine the looks of older and newer campus buildings adhere to campus sustainability goals.


Beck assured faculty members that Siskiyou II’s design will fit right in with Chico State’s environment and architectural style.


“Building a new building on campus is not just you putting it down,” Beck said, “it’s all about how you integrate it and stitch the edges and kinda make it part of the cloth of our campus.”


The next town hall meeting is yet to be determined but will take place in November according to sources at the Aug. 28 town meeting.

Floor plans, size and structure details will be updated the first week of November. A complete report of the design development will be released in early March of next year.

There will be volunteer opportunities and possible internships for construction management and concrete industry management students who are interested in getting involved. Opportunities will be posted closer to the demolition date in June.

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