Hundreds stay up late to get cheesy

get cheesy in the courtyard

get cheesy in the courtyard

Hundreds of students gathered in the hub to attended an event called “Get Cheesy in the Courtyard” this past Friday.

As students stepped inside The Hub, an array of options illuminated their eyes. The choices included: white and wheat bread grilled cheese sandwiches, mango and strawberry-banana smoothies, strawberry lemonade and gallons of water. People also stayed for the entertainment which included Jenga, Cards Against Humanity, Super Smash Bros, music and dancing.

While many students attended just for the food, many stayed to socialize.

“I love cheese, I love grilled things, it’s the perfect place,” sophomore transfer student Austin Devine said. “I came for the food and stayed to meet people and to make some friends.”

Last fall the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center (CADEC) partnered up with University Housing’s Prime Time Productions (PTP) staff to officially create “Up Late in the Hub” events.

These weekly events occur every Friday around 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. They are welcome to all Chico State students whether they live on campus or not.

According to Valerie Rivera, PTP’s Director of Up Late Events, the goal for these events is to create a space for students to mingle and connect with each other.

“PTP’s goal is all about getting people active within the college community,” Rivera said.

“We try to help students find their place here on campus, not just within Prime Time Productions, but we’ll guide them to the certain resources that are on campus to help them find their own place.”

Up Late events are still new to Chico State, thus PTP and CADEC are still working on reaching more students. PTP’s goal for this event was to serve at least 150 people, but according to Rivera, they could have served up to 500 students.

Additionally, in a 50 person survey that was conducted the day before this event, only 25 people said they had heard of, “Get Cheesy in the Courtyard.” PTP advertises Friday events on Facebook, Instagram and WildCat Sync. Posters are also hung in every university housing bathroom.

PTP and CADEC, however, are always looking for advice and feedback from Chico State students.

“We’re open to suggestions because there are always new ways that technology is changing,” CADEC Program Coordinator Trisha Seastrom said.

But the students who do know about these Friday seem to enjoy them and are eager to return even if it’s just for the food.

“I’m going to every single one (event) for food,” freshman Daniel Kvitko said.

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