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Austin Mahone introduced a mixtape ‘For Me + You’

Austin Mahone introduced ‘For Me + You’ in December. The pop-star trades in his catchy hits for a more sultry approach

Texas heartthrob Austin Mahone introduced his mixtape “For Me + You” back in December, later with single “Creatures of the Night” in May. With these two releases, Mahone strays away from his former 2012 pop-star image and settles for a sultrier, adult-like ensemble.

In “For Me + You,” Mahone collaborates with Pitbull for a second time, Juicy J and 2 Chainz on the eight-track mixtape. Each song sets the mood for a different adventure with that one special someone.

Here’s a basic breakdown of each song:

Love at Night ft. Juicy J – Throughout the song, Juicy J’s voice is a bit distracting. He continuously repeats “When we make love at night,” which was like him trying to fight for the microphone over Mahone. He repeats it about 40 or so times, which was the major downfall of the song.

Best line: The best thing you’ve ever felt in the whole wide world, there ain’t nothing better than our love

Pretty and Young – With a suspenseful and quiet start, this song describes what sounds like the ideal hookup with a “pretty and young” woman. This is the ultimate dance song when the chorus hits, despite being one of the slower songs.

Best line: Just live your life and have some fun ‘cause you’re pretty and young

Lady ft. Pitbull – Paying homage to Modjo’s Lady, these two collaborated for a second time after the 2014 hit “Mmm Yeah.” This time, the two brought to life a more modern remix with more upbeat tempo and electronic style.

Best line: As we dance, by the moonlight. Can’t you see, you’re my delight?

Better with You – Mahone explores his falsetto voice in the chorus of “Better with You.” This isn’t one of my preferred songs because the lyrics are nothing particularly special. It’s hard to figure out exactly what the song is about, but it’s “”

Best line: Traffic ain’t bad when you’re here with me

Double Up – With an R&B theme, Mahone describes getting a new girl and having a high he can’t come down from with her. The rhythm of the music is slow and gives the vibe of wanting to stay with this special girl, no matter the circumstances.

Best line: Trust me it’s worth it, you know I put work in

Wait Around – Beginning with beachy music and a slow tempo, Mahone delivers the softer side of the mixtape. The best part of this song is when Mahone sings “Tell me honestly I gotta know either way,” in which the crowd yells “Austin” back to him.

Best line: I wish I could read your mind just to predict your next move.

Except for Us – One of the slower songs on the mix tape, “Except for Us” is no doubt, the sexiest song on the album. Between the suspenseful music in the beginning and lyrics like “Give it to you like you’ve never been kissed, like you’ve never been loved,” Mahone is sure to get his seductive message across.

Best line:

Shake it for Me ft. 2 Chainz – Arguably the best song on the mix tape, this has the most catchy music and lyrics. Mahone describes the double identity of his woman during the day and night in an upbeat and smooth pace.

Best line: Shake it like a tambourine girl

Overall, I would give this a 4.5/5 because “Love at Night” was too repetitive for my preference and “Better with You” seemed to exist in order to fill a track. However, altogether this is my favorite piece of work Mahone has put out in six years.


Julia Maldonado can be reached at [email protected] or @julianewsblog on Twitter.

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