So Much Light’s album is anything but Yuck


Album artwork “Oh, Yuck” by So Much Light Photo courtesy of Damien Verrett of So Much Light

Elk Grove native So Much Light introduced the music scene with the 14-track album “Oh, Yuck” on Aug. 11. So Much Light’s Damien Verrett wrote and co-produced the whole album.

The album features a collection of alternative and indie songs that can be relaxing or put you in the mood. Songs like “Artificial Sweeteners” are meant to get it on with someone, while “Summoner” sounds like someone wondering why they were betrayed by a woman.

Be Afraid” stood out the most because it sounds like something straight out of “American Horror Story” or “It.” With a tune pulled from a freak show, this track has an eerie feel and chilling lyrics, such as “Cause I’m a monster / If you’ve never had one / Be afraid.” The song’s beginning reminded me of Melanie Martinez’s Carousel because they both have a carnival-like theme.

Considering that alternative is a genre I don’t listen to often, I really enjoyed the music and Verrett’s soothing voice. In a way, Verrett reminds me of Owl City. His songs are unique in the sense that I’ve never head music like this before, and both are calming and perfect to listen to right before bed.

The reason this did not receive all five stars is that it was a bit difficult to hear his voice under all the music. I couldn’t decipher what he was saying half the time, but I did enjoy the music as a whole, so it wasn’t a total loss. Also, the first song “New Game” is only 14 seconds long, while the 13th song “Game Over” is 36 seconds long. It was a bit strange to have two instrumental songs that were so short.

Regardless, this album was impressive. Alternative is not a music genre I would normally listen to, but I found myself listening to this for hours upon hearing it for the first time.

4/5 stars

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