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Album art for Two Feets newest album, Momentum

Image courtesy of

Album art for Two Feet’s newest album, “Momentum” Image courtesy of

What are your sexy-time jams? Whether you’re hooking up after a Friday night out, sharing an anniversary with the person you love, or experiencing the fascinating act of having sex for the first time, we’ve got you covered. Always get consent from your partner before doing anything sexual and be safe, unless you want to pay the price later.

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The majority of people probably know 6LACK for his most famous song, “PRBLMS – which is another great pick if you’re getting frisky. His music feels sexy and spontaneous, yet safe and comfortable. There are slow and fast songs, as well as deep beat and bass songs. There are songs with a tune, rap songs and basically any type of music to have a good time to. We really appreciate 6LACK’s respect to the women in his songs, for none of the comments are directly sexist or insulting. We would definitely recommend to a friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, etc.

Two Feet

If you’re hoping to get down and dirty, look no further. Perhaps not for the faint of heart, Two Feet is known for their “getting-it-on” music, with deep bass, slow beats, and very sexual lyrics. They aren’t that popular, so if you’re trying to impress your significant other with a simple-yet-sexy playlist, this is an artist that will not fail. Their newest album, Momentum, is a great place to start off, but be prepared to get lost exploring all the sounds they have to offer.