Student lounge opens in Multicultural Gender Studies department

Students enjoy new study lounge Photo credit: Hannah Yeager

Students enjoy new study lounge Photo credit: Hannah Yeager

Even though this is only the fourth week of school, for most, massive amounts of homework have already piled up. However, there is a new option for those looking for a quiet place to study.

The student lounge at the Multicultural Gender Studies department (MCGS) had a grand opening event Aug. 31 to showcase a student lounge that was recently made to attract those looking for a quiet, out-of-the-way room to have club meetings, study group sessions and just regular study time.

Located in Siskiyou 102, the room has tables, comfy lounge chairs and a couple couches. Along with computers that are open to students, the room also has multiple kinds of food. From snacks like chips, crackers or gummy snacks to more hearty foods like canned soup and ramen.

A new transfer student, Sergio Alvarez started his first semester at Chico State this year and, while looking for his classes, stumbled upon the offices at MCGS and the lounge.

“I asked the lady about the offices here and she told me that they have a little student lounge. So every day before class I come here and study,” Alvarez said.

There are posters on the walls and pieces of art that is encouraging to students and those who come into the building to look around. The framed sayings and posters all have a positive message that emphasizes diversity and its importance in society.

The lounge, as it is called by students and faculty, allows students to reserve the room for clubs, study groups or group activities, according to Chico State’s website. This gives those students who want a quiet place that is away from the busy library or the sometimes even busier the Bell Memorial Union.

“I always study here. It’s quiet,” said Alvarez, “A bunch of food all over the place; I always wonder if it’s fake or real because it’s always there.”

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