Songwriters and orchestra make ‘Big Sound’ in the Big Room


Caitlyn Young

Musician, Ethan Swett said, “It’s a wonderful experience in the sense where you get to celebrate the local art community, the music community in particular.”

For fans of live music and abundant local talent, Uncle Dad’s Art Collective are putting on their third annual Small Town Big Sound showcase on Monday and Tuesday.

The show is a collaborative spotlight on 14 local songwriters and their original works, each carefully selected and accompanied by the Uncle Dad’s Orchestra.

“It’s a celebration of local artists,” said Ethan Swett, a featured performer and musical arranger. “The community itself is amazing here, and I can’t think of any other small town where we could pack the Big Room with local acts. It’s really a special, heartwarming event.”

Performing artists include Pat Hull, Katie Barret, Shigemi Minetaka, Viking Skate Country, Scout, Zach Gifford, Mossy Creek, Loki Miller, Hannah Jane Kile and more. Each writer and song were meticulously chosen from the vast selection of musical capacity in the greater Chico area.

Songwriter Jason Cassidy praises his fellow performers, saying, “It is great to be inserted into a musical community that is so creative and passionate about things.”

The show is a spectacle of diverse genres, instruments and voices. And after much acclaim and local success during its first two years, Small Town Big Sound 3 is sure to be a hit.

The concert will be held in the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.’s Big Room with doors opening at 6 p.m. and music beginning at 7:30 p.m.

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