Singles that didn’t make the cut

A hit single makes it to the radio for obvious reasons. They’re catchy and nice to listen to in the car while on your way to work or school. However, the choice of songs that radio DJs pick makes you think “Why?!” Especially after certain songs tend to stay on rotation for six months straight. Here’s a list of the five top bad singles that drives us nuts.

Album artwork for “Despacito”


Despacito” – Let’s face it: the song was super catchy when we first heard it. Now it’s way overplayed and most of us are sick of hearing it. There’s no doubt that “Despacito” was 2017’s summer anthem and a record-breaking smash hit. It’s also the first primarily Spanish song to snag the Billboard Hot 100 top spot since the “Macarena” in 1996. Justin Bieber put is his own bubble-gum-pop twist to it and made a remix. “Despacito” has gained international success, but the lyrics are too repetitive and makes you want to pull your hair out. Hopefully, we can leave it behind in 2017.

Cover art for “That’s What I Like”


That’s What I Like” – Bruno Mars is an incredibly talented musician in today’s music industry. However, we can’t let him slide either. “That’s What I Like” is also an equally overplayed radio tune that people couldn’t get enough of. His second single off his third studio album “24K Magic,” it undeniably has a nostalgic feeling with its smooth and catchy beat. It’s just the flashiness and the expensive lifestyle in the lyrics that Mars’ constantly repeats. He’s known for being a crooner and it seems like he’s straying away from his love song roots. Hopefully, Mars will release another single that’s a little less annoying, maybe a slow ballad or rhythm and blues tune would be nice.

Cover art for “HUMBLE”


HUMBLE” – Another played out song is “HUMBLE.” This is a hard one since Kendrick Lamar is a rap genius and doesn’t deserve to be on this list. However, the bad singles list does not exclude anyone. It’s unfortunate because the “DAMN” album has so many underrated songs that will never get the time of day or airplay on the radio. “HUMBLE” has taken its toll due to Lamar’s yelling over the already noisy beat. The song has had its shine but it’s time to give the other masterpieces that Lamar has made a chance. At least his new single “Loyalty” is getting some recognition. Let’s hope they don’t overdo it with that one, either.

strip that down.jpg
Cover art for “Strip That Down”


Strip That Down” – This is actually a pretty ok song and something different for Liam Payne. In this song, you can tell he’s trying to shed that wholesome, boy band reputation he was once known for. He’s opted for a different sound than what we’re used to from One Direction. However, the arrangement of the lyrics and trap beat are a little awkward. The lyrics are suggestive and something we wouldn’t expect from Payne’s style. He even added Migos member Quavo to spit a verse in the song. Now that the song is everywhere, it seems like you can’t escape it.

Cover art for “Location”


Location” – This particular song is one that gets you in your feelings and makes you feel mushy inside. It’s a sweet ballad but it has sadly reached the point of too much. Every time you turn on the radio, all you hear is Khalid’s voice. We can’t deny the fact that the man got vocals, but who wants to feel sad every time you get in your car? That’s exactly how this summer felt. The slow ballad is too emotional and the beat sounds depressing. “Location” even earned a remix from singer Kehlani and rapper Lil Wayne. We get that you want a location sent to you, but hopefully you’ve received it by now.

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