‘Pristine Parties’ service ensures safety during nights out


Ronald Carcamo (left) and Rwejuna Nyundo (right) are the co-founders of “Pristine Parties” Photo credit: Sophia Robledo-Borowy

Chico State students create a safer party scene for the community with “Pristine Parties,” a party entertainment service.

Junior concrete management majors Rwejuna Nyundo and Ronald Carcamo co-founded this student-run entertainment business.

“Pristine Parties” hosts house parties in Chico almost every weekend with a flat rate of a $2 entrance fee. These events are for all college students looking to party but don’t want to worry about their safety through the night.

The parties hosted include various types of music, such as hip-hop, EDM or Bay Area soul-type music.

“We usually have two DJs set up every night, so we can attack both music genres,” Nyundo said.

Security guards are present at all events to ensure the safety of all guests. The security guards are there for more than just security purposes; they are committed individuals with a positive attitude and a desire to help others. When party-goers become too intoxicated, security guards are always there to step in.

“We use concepts we learned from ‘Not Anymore’ to talk to people,” Nyundo said.


To ensure kids get home safely, Ubers have been provided for some guests in the past.

Currently, every event is hosted at a house that is permitted by residents for use for a flat rate of $200 for the night. “Pristine Parties” members approach people with houses, typically with a large backyard, to host their next event. The services provided for each event includes the preparation, hosting the party and all of the clean-up.

“We’re always up at eight in the morning, we go back and clean up,” Nyundo said.

The money from the entrance fees goes straight to the company to cover any damage costs and noise complaint tickets, while the leftover money goes to the security guards.

Despite their success with house parties, a primary goal for the company is to get a local venue and turn it into an 18+ club for all college students to attend.

“Most of the hotspots in Chico right now are Riley’s, The Bear and house parties,” Nyundo said. “We could eliminate the house parties, which get shut down all the time by the police and have a venue that replaces the house parties.”

This venue would not serve any alcohol until the company would explore these options in the distant future. Nyundo hopes that this venue would provide a definite party spot every week while being a safer place for students to have fun. Nyundo and Carcamo are in the process of saving funds for this venue to come alive in the future.

Co-founders also want to use their company to help the Chico community.

“Another thing we’re trying to do is give back to the community,” Carcamo said. “Fundraisers, maybe like clean-up the parks, a food drive for the homeless, stuff like that.”

The “Pristine Parties” team wants to use their large following in a positive way by setting an example and remembering to give back to their community. The team consists of 14 students from Chico State and Butte College. Every member is able to use their skills learned from their classes and put them to use in a real-world business, such as graphic design and marketing majors.

Since their teams consist entirely of students, founders Nyundo and Carcamo constantly encourage their team members to succeed in school.

“School is our priority,” Nyundo said. “If anyone’s GPA is less than a 2.5 then they gotta take a break.”

Since partying is a part of college culture, the main priority for “Pristine Parties” is to simply provide a positive party scene for students.

“We’re just trying to do this for the kids,” Nyundo said.

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