Albums of the Week

Album artwork for Anti by Rihanna

Album artwork for “Anti” by Rihanna

Anti’ – Rihanna – 2016

The record “Anti” is a perfect combination of love ballads, club anthems and heartbreak hits. Songs like “Needed Me” and “Work” dominated the airwaves but the special gems on “Anti” are a must listen. Slow tunes such as “James Joint” and “Yeah I Said It” are standouts of the album and will put you in a laid back mood. After 43 minutes of listening to all 13 tracks, you will surely be in your feels.

Views’ – Drake – 2016

Drake is known for putting out hit albums, but “Views” is definitely a piece that stands out. Paying homage to his Toronto roots, Drake takes a different approach with his style. Jams like “Fire and Desire” and “Summer’s Over Interlude” slow things down a notch and make you feel lovey-dovey. Of course, Drake always comes through with his hit rap singles like ‘Hotline Bling’ and ‘One Dance.’ With “Views,” you’ll find yourself listening to a versatile collection that won’t disappoint.


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