‘Windjammers’ is the best game you never played


Steve Miller bounces a shot of the wall. Image from Playstation.com

There’s not enough arcade-style sports games coming out these days. It wasn’t that long ago that instead of just getting Madden and NBA 2K every year, we would also get games like “NFL Blitz” and “NBA Jam.” These games offered simple, fun game play that could be enjoyed even if the player didn’t care about the sports they were based on.

In 1994, “Windjammers” was released on the Neo Geo. At the time, critics and players didn’t see it as anything special and it fell into obscurity. In the last few years, “Windjammers” has become a cult hit and was popular enough to get an updated re-release on PlayStation 4.


The game is like a combination of tennis and soccer if it were played with a Frisbee. Players throw a disc back and forth with the objective of hitting the goal at the back ends of the court. The game play is fast and can get very frantic when two experienced players go against each other.

The game’s visual style is bright and colorful. It fits the nature of the game perfectly. Anyone who sees the game in action will immediately be drawn in by the art style and sound effects. When the action ramps up, “Windjammers” becomes a beautiful symphony of arcade goodness.

There are six different characters in the game, each one with a different balance of speed and power. The character’s different stats and signature moves add a surprising amount of depth to the game. Even after playing the game for dozens of hours, I was still discovering interesting ways to score a goal by using power-shots and curved throws.

Even with its depth, “Windjammers” is the kind of game that even someone who has never touched a video game in their life can pick up and have fun with. It’s an addictive game that will have you saying “just one more match” over and over again. This is a great game to have around if you live with roommates or having a kickback with friends. “Windjammers” is the perfect college game.

This recent re-release keeps the original game completely intact while offering some new features. You can change the look of the screen to give it a more retro appearance, and there’s a tutorial that explains the basics and you can play the game online.

‘Windjammers” isn’t a huge game. It doesn’t try to be anything more than a fun arcade game, but executes what it sets out to do flawlessly: it provides an experience that never fails to entertain while offering accessibility and depth that appeals to any kind of player.

My biggest regret in playing “Windjammers” is that I didn’t have this game when I was a kid. I never had a bad time with this game and am always in the mood to play it.

(Final Score 5/5)

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