Macklemore’s ‘Glorious’ return with ‘Gemini’

Macklemores Glorious return with Gemini

Macklemore’s new album “Gemini” is all about good vibes.

The album has 16 upbeat tracks. Compared to some of Macklemore’s older albums, I think in this one he really captured a different persona. He doesn’t talk about bigger problems going on in the world; it’s just about everyday life. The album features a few different artists such as Lil Yatchy, Ke$ha, Skylar Grey and Offset, but none are in collaboration with Ryan Lewis, his former partner. Macklemore announced their split in June.

The album starts off with the song “Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight” and follows with “Glorious.” Both of these songs feel like they are introducing a new Macklemore because he is talking about how he is doing great. In “Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight,” the two lines, “Didn’t come this far to lose” and “Victory in my sight, I will not lose” are saying how hard he is trying to make it, and he’s not giving up. In “Glorious” he sings, “I got a new attitude and a lease on life, and some peace of mind.” With this, we can tell that he is different and his music is more optimistic.

The songs that stood out to me the most are “Glorious,” “Marmalade,” “Good Old Days” and “Over It.”

Glorious” is talking about how although he might have taken a break from making music, he is back and better than ever. What stood out the most to me is the piano playing in the background. This made the song so much stronger because it gave the song an entirely different vibe. I think since it is the second on the album, it also helps to introduce a new sound for Macklemore.

Marmalade” featuring Lil Yachty is catchy and has a mix of slow and quick beats. It repeats the piano keys playing in the background. Lil Yachty’s part really added a more rap element to the song and I feel like without it, the song would have consisted of mostly pop. The song reminded me a little of “Broccoli” by Lil Yachty because the rap is a similar beat.

The song “Good Old Days” is in collaboration with Ke$ha, who also recently released an album. Both her and Macklemore had taken a break from making music, but came back with strong albums. This was important because of the message it is giving. They are talking about how we should live in the moment because as we get older we start to reminisce and we should focus on the good moments we are having in our lives.

Over It” is a slower pace than “Glorious” and “Good Old Days.” The beat of it adds suspense and after the drop, the chorus begins. No other song on this album sounds like this and that’s why it’s unique.

The rest of the album follows the same sound with a more laid back tone but every song has a positive message.

Overall I would give the album a 4/5.

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