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‘American Idiot’ musical comes to Chico State campus

American Idiot musical comes to Chico State campus

The School of Arts is bringing sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll and politics on stage with Green Day’s “American Idiot” musical production.

The play is inspired by Green Day’s 2004 hit album “American Idiot.” Winner of two Tony Awards and two Grammys for “Best Rock Album” and “Musical Theater Album,” the groundbreaking record still leaves a mark in today’s society in terms of politics and classicism.

“American Idiot” has given a voice to the disenfranchised urban underclass Americans who feel underrepresented. It was made during a time when Americans felt unsure of the current state of politics during the Bush administration. Since the release of the iconic music staple, there have been many adaptations, including musical plays. The first “American Idiot” musical premiered in September 2009 at the Berkeley Repertory Theater. Eventually, it was transferred over to Broadway and has had over 421 performances.

The School of Arts team is excited to bring “American Idiot” live on stage for Chico State students.

“We feel that many of the students at Chico State feel frustration and rage at modern day politics, so I hope students can find some validity and release some of that anger while watching this show,” said Madison Burnes, the stage manager of lights and sound. Many of the lyrics from “American Idiot” are centered around social issues and patriotism in our country.

“We will begin the show starting the day of the Trump Inauguration, so we expect the audience to really connect with the show and feel a lot of emotion during that moment,” Burnes said.

Even though “American Idiot” came out 13 years ago, it still has a lot of relevance and impact in today’s culture. Many Americans feel discomfort and confusion about the way things are being run by our government. Change feels inevitable and there is a sense of hopelessness. However, through the power of actions and voices, it’s possible to uplift a nation, and that’s what “American Idiot” aims to do.

“I’m looking forward to sharing such an energetic show with the audience,” said Burnes. “It is a very nostalgic album for people so I think a lot of people will enjoy it.”

She also added that Green Day has classic songs that everyone can relate to.

“My favorite song off the album is ‘Holiday‘ but my favorite dance number in the show probably has to be ‘Letterbomb,'” she said.

Burnes wants students to come out and support the musical. “You’ll definitely feel a lot of energy and get something out of the entire show,” said Burnes.

“American Idiot” is a musical performance that will have you processing any thoughts you may have about the direction American politics is heading towards. With so much going on in the past year and changes to our culture, we can reflect as a whole about what we can do to uplift each other and remain united. It’s a great way to educate yourself and become aware, as well as enjoy some good rock opera music. The production will run Oct. 10-15 at the Harlen Adams Theater. Students and faculty are encouraged to check out the show and have a rockin’ time.

Niyat Teferi can be reached at [email protected] or @tayintee on Twitter.

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  • N

    Noah Collins // Oct 9, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    I did not realized you were veering from original script to make this about current politics. Plus I was charged full price rather than student rate for my ticket. What is your policy on refund or at least price adjustment to student rate patron ID 22879242.

    • N

      Noah Collins // Oct 9, 2017 at 3:40 pm

      This was sent too wrong place in error please remove. Especially since my patro number is on it.