Butte Station sells less than last year


Butte station is the place for students and faculty to stop and grab a quick snack.

Butte Station is selling less than the same time last year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s doing bad.

Comparing to similar stores in other CSU’s, Butte Station is on average out-performing most of them according to Jamie Clyde, associative executive director for the A.S.

What Clyde attributes to Butte Station’s sales is the concept of ‘dollar shifting’ or the idea that the money is simply being spent elsewhere. Somewhere like Common Grounds or Creekside Cafe, which are reportedly selling more than last year.

Taylor Rodgers, A.S. vice president of business and finance, mentioned that another reason for the change in sales may be attributed to Urban Roots. A new store on campus featuring sustainable, healthy and responsible food that is attracting student dollars away from the station.

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