Arts and humanities building on track

Holes can be seen during the demolition of the popular mural “Academe” where a machine was brought in to preserve pieces of the mural. More than 100 people have requested pieces.Photo credit: Ernesto Rivera


The Taylor Hall tear down is going according to schedule and already is more sustainable and less disruptive than previous projects.

In the past, all the rubble from a demolition site was disposed of, but here the metal concrete and other materials are sorted and reused, said Joe Wills, a spokesman for Chico State. The concrete, for instance, is used for roadbeds.

“The demolition has gone really well,” Wills said. “The nice weather also helps.”

The popular “Academe” mural was somewhat preserved by bringing in a machine to cut the wall into small chunks. Approximately one hundred people have contacted Chico State asking for a piece as memento. John Pugh, the original artist and Chico State alumnous, has offered to repaint it on the new building.

The new arts and humanities building is approximately a two-year project which should be completed in the fall of 2016.

Further demolition and construction will continue during the school year but it will not be as loud as other projects because they will be laying a foundation, not pile driving.

“There will be noise and dust for sure, but we’ll get something really beautiful out of it,” Wills said.

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