Golden Dragon Acrobats amaze Chico State

The Golden Dragon Acrobats show their strength and balance flawlessly throughout the entire performance. Photo by Chelsea Jeffers

A deep solemn aesthetic, stage lights set into distinct rays and traditional sparkling, bright acrobatic costumes caught the eye of the audience while outlining the distinctive lines of each performers body.
The Golden Dragon Acrobats: Cirque Ziva took the stage at Laxson Auditorium Wednesday evening as part of Chico Performances. The audience was treated to a traditional Chinese design that then switched into a fast techno beat as multiple performers rolled out on giant wheels and a performer flipped a table, with only her feet, by balancing it on each of it’s four legs.
That was the premise of the whole Golden Dragons Acrobats show and with each second the stunts became more amazing.
The first act focused more on strength and dexterity, with strong men using weight distribution to balance on one hand or simply on another shoulders with their own shoulders. They also focused on contortion and balance in this act. While a triumphant rock ballad played in the background, one performer folded herself in half while balancing five chandeliers on her arms, legs, and forehead while her platform spun. Though this act did hold a few minor mistakes for the performers, they didn’t appear discouraged, making the audience cheer all the louder when a performer finally did perfect the trick.
The second act focused more on balance and concentration. This act contained a group of woman throwing Chinese yo-yo’s into the air and juggling them with each other, and the performers creating a tower with each other as they twirl red rugs on their hands and feet like raw pizza dough, creating the shape of a growing flower plant. The crowning jewel of the second act was a performer balancing on a five foot frame topped with six chairs, the top of which was on a skewed angle as he balanced on the back of it with one hand with his feet nearly grazing the top of the archway above the stage.
There is a reason the Golden Dragon Acrobats have been nominated and awarded so many international awards, it’s because they are simply the best.
According to theater attendee Virginia Maier they show the “real display of balance and strength.” She believes that they are working on a more professional level of theater than most other acrobatic groups.
Usher Elizabeth Daniels has been volunteering at Laxson for four years and said this show had the most physically taxing tricks than any other show that has been through the theater.
The show was entertaining for ages young and old and is a must see the next time they come through Chico or Northern California in general. The team tours a new show every year with new performances so the acrobats will definitely be back in the United States again.
The Golden Dragons Acrobats have been touring the United States since 1978, and hail from the Hebei Province of the People’s Republic of China.Their performance brings a unique blend of old style Chinese acrobatic and cirque traditions with a new use of props and understanding of theatricality. Most of these performers have been training and performing since adolescence, some even started as young as eight years old.
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