Maintenance worker trapped in mid-air behind Acker Gym


The safety lines where a maintenance worker became stranded behind Acker Gym Monday, before rescue by Chico Fire. Photo credit: Josh Cozine

A Chico State maintenance worker required rescue by Acker Gym Monday after getting stuck on a safety rope.

The man became stuck, suspended in air by safety ropes, before Chico Fire helped the man down. Captain Shawn Eccles and Chico Engine 2 responded to the ropes set-up in the area behind Acker Gym after a call for assistance from the worker.

According to Eccles, the man’s belay line―a rope used to safely control a climber’s descent―had gotten stuck somehow, leaving the man unable to descend.

Eccles said it was an easy call and that Chico Fire, “responded with ladders, and got him down,” right away. He said it took about 20 minutes from the time he heard the call until the man was safely on the ground.

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