Chico High catches burglary on camera, leading to arrest


Michael Coley broke into a copy room and classes close to the main office of Chico High School. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Michael Coley, was arrested for stealing thousands of dollars worth of tech from Chico High School, after six days on the lam.

Coley allegedly snuck in to an open copy room and stole approximately $2,500 worth of Chromebooks and other items from adjacent classrooms, according to Assistant Principal Brandon Kessler. Coley was arrested by Chico Police early Wednesday morning, and booked for burglary.

Coley was a familiar transient to the Chico High Staff, said Kessler. The resource officer on duty recognized Coley on camera immediately. According to Kessler, Coley had been seen multiple times on campus.

Kessler attributes the quick capture to the school’s advance campus camera system for providing such a clear image.

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